Outside of research, Wilma has a plethora of other hobbies including baking, movies, and rock music (current favorite band: The Dear Hunter).
Here are some projects she has been working on for fun. At the moment these are all on hold because she has some serious work to do...

  • The Source for Japanese Indie Info - A blog that provides English-speaking audiences with introductions to Japanese independent artists, and information on new releases and US tours.
  • Wilakuma's Twitter - A twitter following the adventures of a Japanese bear currently trapped in America. (Currently inactive)
  • Reset - Wilma has subtitled all of the episodes of the Japanese TV show Reset; a psychological drama about how people would change their lives if they were given the chance to redo a part of it. The show had never been subbed, so Wilma's subbing was able to bring it to an English-speaking audience. It has experienced numerous comments and over 9000 views thus far.