Object Interaction Envelope Stimuli & Experiment Data

Object Interaction Envelope Stimuli
Main Citation: Bainbridge, W.A., & Oliva, A. (2015). A toolbox and sample object perception data for equalization of natural images. Data in Brief 5, 846-851.

(Related citation: Bainbridge, W. A. & Oliva, A. (2015). Interaction envelope: Local spatial representations of objects at all scales in scene-selective regions. NeuroImage 122, 408-416. )

This project introduces the novel perceptual property of interaction envelope, the space through which a user transverses to interact with an object. In this paper, we operationalize it as the number of hands most often used to interact with an object, as it is easily quantifiable and delineates two very different, non-overlapping volumes of interactive space. We hypothesize that scene-selective regions in the brain are sensitive to local spatial information of a wider variety of stimuli than previously believed (not only scenes, but also small objects). In the above paper, we show that these regions indeed have sensitivity to interaction space, dissociable from other object properties shown to modulate activity in scene-selective regions, such as physical size.

Here, we have made publicly available stimuli from the experiment so you can run your own experiments on interaction envelope or other object properties. Stimuli are all .JPGs and stimulus properties are both available as .XLS or .CSV.

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