Here are various times my research (or random other activities) have ended up in the press or blog posts.

On the visual content of memory through drawing:
Blind mind's eye
American Scientist, March 2021

The luck of the draw
Nature Behavioural & Social Sciences: After the Paper, January 15, 2021

Can't draw a mental picture? Aphantasia causes blind spots in the mind's eye
University of Chicago News, December 23, 2020

Why images may appear closer--or farther--than they actually are
University of Chicago News, February 27, 2020

Remembrance of things (recently) past
Brain Waves: The NIMH Intramural Research Program Newsletter, February 1, 2019

Drawing out the visual richness of our memories
Nature Behavioural & Social Sciences: Behind the Paper, January 28, 2019

Drawing out visual memories
Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Blog, November 15, 2017

On face memory and memorability:
How memorable is your photo? A new tool will give you a score
University of Chicago News, June 2, 2021

NIH study finds out why some words may be more memorable than others
NIH News Release, June 29, 2020

A Privacy Dustup at Microsoft Exposes Major Problems for A.I.
Medium OneZero, June 12, 2019

How Many Faces Do You Know?
Psychology Today, November 20, 2018

How to Make Your Face Unforgettable
The Telegraph (UK), January 12, 2014

Never Forget a Face
MIT Technology Review, December 30, 2013

What Makes a Picture Memorable?
SPIE Newsroom, May 7, 2013

Random Press:
Wilma Bainbridge: The Neuroscience of Memorability
Montgomery Blair High School Magnet Foundation, Fall, 2019
I was extremely honored to be interviewed by my high school alumni newsletter about my career and advice for current students!

The mythos and meaning behind Pokémon's most famous glitch
Ars Technica, February 18, 2019
I was interviewed on my early research on video game glitches.

Memory 2.0
2.0 podcast, January 7, 2019
John and Will Wiesenfeld improve memory in this comedic podcast.

TBS, July 15, 2011
I got my 15 minutes of fame, appearing in a Japanese TV show about showing new technologies to international students. As a roboticist, I got to go play with factory robots and drive around in a smart car with some famous comedians.

"Aperture" opens eyes
Silver Chips Online, July 11, 2005
An article on the high school literary magazine I served as Editor-in-Chief for.