Wilma is a prolific website designer, who has been creating websites ever since the age of 9. Currently, she has kept her focus on her research, but she has a long history of websites behind her. A bit old fashioned, she likes to make all of her sites using Notepad. Her projects include:

  • Glitchi (2006 - 2009), a wiki dedicated to video game glitches. Though she no longer actively adds to the wiki, she periodically checks on it for maintenance.
  • The Japanese American Students Union (2006-2008).
  • Ivy University (; 2006-2007).
  • The Yale Film Society (2006-2008). Previous webmaster.
  • Sun 'n Sea (1999). One of Wilma's first website jobs (for a resort)! She made it when she was 11 years old.

Wilma has created many other personal sites and blogs for hobbies (such as television shows or loved music), but has since taken down these sites as her interests have evolved.